Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Shop for art!

As a woman, I love shopping in general. But, I've got to say, my two favorite things to shop for are art supplies and books!! By the way, if you live in TO and you paint, you should really go to Gwartzman's on Spadina Ave. They have the best prices on canvas and acrylic paint. Curry's is good (costly on certain items) but they have all sorts of texture modifiers to play with. Recently, I have tried moulding paste, gloss polymer medium, black lava and resin sand. They give extra characters to what I'm trying to created. So far, I really like how the gloss extend and mix the colors I used. Also, I'm totally in love with iridescent paint - espeically gold. They finally got resin sand in and well, it gives you that sandy, rough texture underneath the paint. I stop shopping at Above Ground and Deserres - too expensive compared to the other stores. Anyway, just a bit of review for my fellow TO artists.

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