Thursday, December 15, 2011

The benefit of having mild ADD

The benefit of having a mild case of ADD is that I get to wonder about different things. So far, I've been playing with colors - mixing them directly and heavily onto canvas, and watching them mingle and transform. I use a spatula and direct the colors in swift and broad strokes, leaving behind traces of body movement. This method is inspired, obviously, by Jackson Pollock. Most people laugh when them view Pollock's work - seeing them as paintings children can easily mimic. But, I think the way Pollock "splashed" paint is quite poetic; I see paint as a continuation of his actions, and the canvas a record of that. Pollock saw a completely different universe on his canvases, and he tried to communicate that in his own language. I think that's what all artists try to accomplish in their work no matter what medium or style.

At first, I use smaller strokes to mix the colors - closer to pointillism/impressionism. As I continue the practice, I became bolder with the experiment and painted in larger stroke and movement. The feeling I get when doing this is really quite liberating. There's no confinement or restriction - apart from the edges of one's canvas.

Now, I am interested in combining this technique with theatrical characters. I will start on character studies with some sketches; I want to emphasize on magnifying the "character", rather than drawing a realistic portrait. I think this will bring me closer to the show I want and it will be so much fun!!!  

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